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     BACKGROUND Communication Engineering Co. Ltd. (CECO) is a Thai telecommunications and IT solution provider, focused on providing solution products, systems, and service supports that take its customers who are in both private and government sectors to the next level. The company provides a wide range of integrated solutions of Information Technology, Wireless, and Network Support. It is the partner of global reknows suppliers such as CISCO, Fujitsu, Midians (USA), XENO, Elettronica Veneta (EV), and etc.


- Located at 1575/33-34 Paholyothin Rd., Samsen Nai, Payathai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. Tel: 662-279-3262; Fax: 662-271-2661; Email: ceco_th@hotmail.com
- $ 1.5 million (65 millions Baths) in sales.
- 30 employees.
- Founded in 1983.


Government Communications - CECO has over 25 years of experience in the development of telecommunications and information systems for the various Thai government agencies and their prime contractors. To name a few, among the customers are the Royal Thai Police, the Royal Thai Air Force, the Supreme Command Headquarter, the Telephone Organization of Thailand, the Communication Authority of Thailand, the Aero Thai (Air traffic controller), Department of Special Investigation, Ministry of Education, and etc.

Wireless Communications – Through its subsidiary, Portacom Co., Ltd., CECO supplies a wide range of wireless products and systems for telecommunications and cellular/PCS services, defense markets, air traffic control, and law enforcement markets.

Consulting and Support – With a very strong team of engineers and consultants, who are experts in various fields, CECO provides a complete range of consultation and support for both technical and logistic through its subsidiary, Communication Engineering and Consultants Co., Ltd. It also provides a very reliable after sale service with the full supports from the equipment suppliers.


  “CECO views its mission as to bridge the gap between our client and advanced technology through reducing acquisition costs in any terms, creating positive changes to our client business as well as the whole community.”  

  • Royal Thai Police
• Royal Thai Army
• Royal Thai Airforce
• Division of Special Investigation (DSI)
• Vocational Education Commission, Ministry of Education
• TOT Public Company Ltd.
• Royal Cliff Hotel & Resort, Pattaya
• Etc.


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