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     With more than 20 years of experience, we are well-positioned to be your partner in providing technology management services. From outsourcing to leasing, RF Telecommunication to Renewable energy, our team of consultants is ready to answer to today advanced technology, bringing you the edge in your competition.


  We are providing IT outsourcing service for specific technology.
     Document Imaging and management
     IT Security
     Business continuity planning for SMEs

       We are providing IT outsourcing service for specific technology. Collaboration Document Imaging and management IT Security Business continuity planning for SMEs     Telecommunication Systems
     RF Communication systems
     Conference equipments
     PA Broadcasting systems

       CECO provides financial support for eligible company and government agency, reducing the cost of technology acquisition  

       Through our partnership with ePlaza,we are able to assist you in every aspect of doing business on the Internet.  

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